The range

The Cléebourg’s Wine cellar offers a wide range of wine. These ranges offers a variety of the 7 Alsatian grape varieties (Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc Auxerrois, Muscat, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir).

  • The range «
  • The range « Vins primés »
  • The range « Cuvées spéciales »
  • The range « Lieux-dits »
  • « Late harvest and selection of Grains Nobles »
  • « Cremant of Alsace »


The range « Prestige »

Composed by elegant and vivacious wine and designed for a regular beverage. The wine constitute “classic” wine, appropriate for novice consumers and reflect the varietal character of the grape variety. They are lively wine and easy approachable.

The range « Vins primés »

Wine of this range has received distinction by different contest (Contest of Macon’s wine, Colmar, national Vinalies, Sigillé de la Confrérie Saint-Etienne…). They are wine with gustatory qualities : well-known, elegant, fine, complex and charmer.

The range « Cuvées spéciales »

You will find inside this range some old wine cuvées, selected wine to be older inside the ancient cask of the “Hospices de Strasbourg”, selected cuvées by the “Confrérie des Quatres Bans”… Prestigious wine will get you interested in this range !

The range « Lieux-dits »

Go exploring the 10 fabulous “Place called” around the Wine cellar of Cléebourg. At every place called is a grape variety associate, the one who (through the flavor and wine’s structure) transcribes better the value of the terroir and the exposition of this particular grounds. By their fineness and flavor complexity, this gastronomic wine know how to brighten your best culinary preparations up !

Late harvest and selection of Grains Nibles

You will find them only when Mother Nature will give you the opportunity to develop them. Indeed, the late harvest and selection of noble grains can be vinify even if the climatic conditions of the vintage are succeed and favourable towards a flawless health quality. On these berries, the only rot accepted is the noble rot, developed in good temperature, wind and humidity conditions, by the mushroom “Botrytis Cinerea”. These wine are very rich, wide and full-bodied, ring and opulent, with fin and intense flavor, a real treasure.

Cremant of Alsace

Time to party! Through the 4 Crémants proposed for you at the Wine Cellar of Cléebourg, you will certainly find the perfect mate for you next celebrations! Clerotstein are subtle and delicate cremant, under the Auxerrois or Pinot Gris grape varieties, everyone has his own particularity! For example, the Clerotstein Rosé is driven by his success. The last one, our “Symphonie en P” is a delicious assembly of these 3 alsatian Pinots (Blanc, Gris and Noir), he will seduce you by the fineness and the elegance of the flask and his contents.