Cléebourg Area Wine Brotherhood

The Confrérie des Vins des Quatre Bans was organized in 1996 to increase the general understanding of , and appreciation for, Alsatian Wines, particularly the wines produced in the villages of Cléebourg, Oberhoffen les Wissembourg, Rott and Steinseltz. Through regular meetings, the Confrerie strives to develop close bonds of friendship among members, their friends and others interested in the area’s wines. Each year the Confrérie des Vins des Quatre Bans selects a particular wine to carry the Confrerie’s name, a wine that by its quality and characteristic flavor represents the best of what it means to be a Cléebourg wine.

Membership is open to anyone wishing to join the Confrérie des Vins des Quatre Bans. The only requirement is that those wanting to join pass a series wine exams given during meetings and drink a toast to Cléebourg area wines on formal acceptance into the organization.

For more information about the organization and meeting times, or if you wish to attend the next meeting, please contact :

Monsieur le Receveur de la Confrérie
des Vins des Quatre Bans
Route du vin

The “confrere” members are classified as follows

  • “Novices” (beginners)
  • “Confirmés” (confirmed members)
  • “Eclairés” (advanced placement members)
  • “Ambassadeurs” (ambassadors)
  • “Membre du Grand Conseil” (members of the High Council)