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17May2017Open Doors Cléebourg’s Wine cellar : August, 20th

11 am : Free aperitif

Midday : lunch bouchée à la reine and pot-au-feu

During all the day :

  • Guided tour of the wine cellar and projection of a movie about the vine-growing in the North of Alsace
  • Discovery of a wine-making path with our wine-grower
  • Tasting of our huge range of wine and crémant alsatian
  • Promotional sales
  • Free competition
  • Inflatable castle for children
  • A lot of culinary specialties
  • Musical life guaranteed by the band VOSGESIA of Cléebourg
  • Free entrance

17May2017Cremant Party : the 5th and 6th of August 2017

Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of August 2017

Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of August 2017 This manifestation was organised for the first time by the band “Vosgésia” in 1991, and gives pride of place to different cremants produce in the Cléebourg’s vineyard. Since her creation, the manifestation collects every year more and more visitors who are enjoying the conviviality and the ambiance specific to Cléebourg and around.

Cremant’s night, August, 5th The beginning of the festivities starts at 7 am with tartes flambées, pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, grilled food… Dance dinner starting from 8.30 pm Free admission to 9 pm, then 7€

Sunday, the 6th of August Ambiance day from 11 am to 10 pm non-stop Lunch : beef on a spit, bouchée à la reine, grilled food. Starting from 5 pm : pizzas, tartes flambées, dampfnudle…

Ticket price : 7€

3May2017CHAPITRE DE LA CONFRERIE : June 24th 2017

This Chapter come to celebrate a key moment of Cléebourg’s vineyard.
Evening’s proceeding :
18h45 : Reception in the wine cellar
19h00 : Comentated tasting
19h40 : Wine trial
20H10 : Solemn enthronement ceremony
21h00 : Dance dinner of the Keeper of the Seals

If you want to join the Brotherhood of Cléebourg’s Wine, where the matchwords are friendship, conviviality and wine’s love, Brothers will be pleased with enthrone you after jump over the wine’s trial of the first level.

If you just want to have a good time and fun in a convivial atmosphere, don’ hesitate to join the Brothers !

Thank you to reserve your reception at the wine cellar.